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6b Shemer’s hill – Jezebel + Merom

Samaria City, Israel, 871 BC 1 Kings 16:24-28 Make Obadiah’s position clear up front. “Tell me, my prince, does Jezebel really have fourteen hairdressers?” Obadiah pointed a cucumber spear at Ahab. He sat at a small table in the center of the veranda of the King Jeroboam Inn. On the other side of the table […]

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Anat Square

Anat shows what to pack

For your visit to the mountains and valleys Elijah hiked, please check out my friend Anat Harrel’s fun notes about what to pack. And for a tour I recommend either Anat or Blossoming Rose. Anat has helped my research for the Elijah stories with facts and figures about Holy Land geography. I lived at Biblical Tamar Park […]

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2 Right behind us

Obadiah reined in his horse and tapped Prince Ahab on the arm. “Where’s our squad? The king will have my head if I let you escape the fort without guards.” He tipped his head toward Prince Ahab beside him. “What happened to our guards? The king will have my head if he thinks I let […]

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Camel-eating-grass 300x150

1 Caravan

Elijah grabbed one end of the wineskin, bent his knees, and lifted. A child’s shrill cry shot across the trail. The wineskin slipped from Elijah fingers and burst at the feet of his brother Nathan.

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