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28 Two altars, one fire

Obadiah poked Ahab. “What’s he found?”1 Elijah pointed to an arrangement of ancient stones covered with weeds and stretched an arm to the crowd. “Who knows how to rebuild this altar?” Three greybeards the age of Obadiah’s father stepped forward. Elijah jumped down from his boulder. “Can you men organize the right helpers and make […]

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26 Smarty pants meets the king

Grab Erma’s CRIT Obadiah glanced out the window. “My guys will be here any minute. We’ll be poking our noses into every corner from Jokneam to the sea, so I’ll be gone all day again.” His wife slid her arms around him. “I still don’t get why Ahab wants you to search for grass. The […]

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23 Elijah rescues the vines

Pull up Caroline’s critique. A week after they started rescuing vines, Elijah led Nathan into the professor’s study for their first progress report. Back1 home, when Elijah helped his father sell wine to caravans on the King’s Highway, Nathan stood with the donkeys and avoided the eyes of the camel pullers who bought the wine. […]

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15 Zarephath

Vultures flared up and flapped out of view over the trees, leaving behind a body with several chunks of meat missing from its back and legs. Beside the body, four men aimed arrows at Elijah and Nathan. “Drop the bags, my children, and take off your rags. Face down beside that fellow and keep your […]

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13 Hiding bubblers

Jephunneh looped his donkey’s lead line around a stone in the corner of his market stall and untied the net which held his many bags of figs on the packsaddle. The sun already tinted the sky, so customers would soon swarm the Samaria town square. In the next stall, Imri slung a sack of pomegranates […]

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24 Why did your God kill my baby?

Open Mary Pat’s Critique MP. Elijah swung a waterskin down from a pannier. “Neetz keeps spotting new leaves on old vines, Nate.” MP – POV? Neetz poured water onto a vine while her dreamy eyes took in Nathan’s lanky form. On the streets of Jabesh and in the shops where he delivered wine, Nathan ignored […]

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