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03 Unjust business K8 shoppes

Tishbe Vineyard, Gilead, Israel, 877 BC 1 Kings 16:32-33 Elijah stalked from the well to the donkey pen, yanked a pitchfork from the haystack, and made three quick thrusts into the belly of an imaginary slaver. Sword school. Dad had laughed, but Tubal the blacksmith made swords. Elijah slapped his long, skinny waist. How cool […]

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6b Shemer’s hill – Jezebel + Merom

Samaria City, Israel, 871 BC 1 Kings 16:24-28 Make Obadiah’s position clear up front. “Tell me, my prince, does Jezebel really have fourteen hairdressers?” Obadiah pointed a cucumber spear at Ahab. He sat at a small table in the center of the veranda of the King Jeroboam Inn. On the other side of the table […]

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