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6b Shemer’s hill – Jezebel + Merom

Samaria City, Israel, 871 BC 1 Kings 16:24-28 Make Obadiah’s position clear up front. “Tell me, my prince, does Jezebel really have fourteen hairdressers?” Obadiah pointed a cucumber spear at Ahab. He sat at a small table in the center of the veranda of the King Jeroboam Inn. On the other side of the table […]

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When did the King’s Highway lose its trees?

Add to trees, kings highway. Those Jews. They cry and they get anything they want. Preface with professor. Well known fact that trees increase rainfall. The King’s Highway was once thick with trees. This trail carried trade from Egypt across the Sinai Peninsula to Aqaba, north to Damascus and the Euphrates River. Here the kings of Edom and of Amor refused […]

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