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1. Why so young? Elijah had a heavy schedule. He served during three kings whose reigns totaled thirty-six years.  King Ahab 22 years. King Ahaziah 2 years. King Joram 12 years. In the 9th Century, BC, most people died before their 50th birthday. So, Elijah needed an early start. 2. Why short names? The historians who wrote […]

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Why so young?

Why so young?

The Bible makes no mention of Elijah’s years. Some artists paint him with a white beard, but he started with pink cheeks. Elijah did not drop into the scene stooped over a cane. Like the rest of us, he crawled before he walked. Elijah saw three kings whose reigns totaled thirty-six years. King Ahab, 874-853 = […]

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I searched for songbirds in Israel and found this delightful blog. So I emailed, “Can you please tell me what bird songs might have been heard near Jabesh of Gilead in the time of Elijah?” 20 minutes later: Hello Dave, It’s quite hard to be sure of the local avian population, especially without giving a […]

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Moloch מלכ

The first author in the Bible who condemned child sacrifice wrote in Leviticus 18:21. Many others followed. Assuming Jezebel from Sidon influenced Ahab’s worship of Baal, Ahab’s method of child sacrifice could have followed this 4th Century BC description from Sidon . There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended […]

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Judges 7:1 …Gideon, and all the people that were with him, rose up early, and pitched beside the well of Harod…. Have you seen the Well of Harod? Please tell us about it. Nathan waited for Elijah at the Well of Harod. The Well of Harod How does Harod look today? Send a picture.

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What did Elijah wear under that moth-eaten old goatskin? In 871 BC, the closest thing to a modern shirt was the tunic or כֻּתֹּנֶת koo-TOE-net. Most hung from neck to ankles and tied at the throat. Anat Harrel gave me a heads up. “The proper pronunciation of tunic in Hebrew is koo-toe-net — koo as […]

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The skin of a mature goat holds 30 to 40 liters. A liter of wine weighs 1 kilogram, about 2.2 lbs. So Elijah and Nathan lifted wineskins which weighed 30-40 kilos, or 66-88 lbs. The normal donkey load of two full goatskins weighed 60-80 kilos, or 132-198 lb. This modern rack and modern wineskin both […]

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How long would it take Obadiah to go from Jezreel City up to Samaria City? I emailed Anat Harrel. “Let me try to answer that. There is no Jezreel City today. Do you mean Tel Jezreel? The archaeological site where Ahab’s city stood? Today you can barely see any ruins, not much left. “It is […]

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Say what?

Typos hide from me. They think it’s a game. Implausible plot twists sneak in during the night. Please reveal them to me. And if you would be so kind as to do a serious critique of a chapter, ask and ye shall receive it in MS Word format. Dave

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In a world where not everything that glitters is gold, who can we trust to help children? We trust the people of In Better Hands because Walt and Wanda Schulz go to help them in person and send them money. I grew up with Wanda (nee Brugger) Schulcz in Spring Arbor, Michigan, and Vickie lived across the street from Walt […]

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​​Milkah מִלְכָּ֔ה in the Bible means “counsel.” The first Milkah was the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother. See Genesis 11:29 and 22:20. She was the grandmother of beautiful Rebekah who married Isaac, the long-awaited promised son of Abraham. The next Milkah was the daughter of Zelophehad. Numbers 26:33 and 27:11. She and her sisters — Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, […]

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