Say what?

Please show me any glitches.

  1. Typos hide from me. They think it’s a game.
  2. Implausible plot twists sneak in during the night.
  3. Although I know enough not to let Elijah discuss helicopters or syringes, I did let “munchies” and “certifiable” slip into early drafts. My friend Ava says these jolts cause “literary whiplash.”

And if you would be so kind as to do a serious critique of a chapter, ask and ye shall receive it in MS Word format.

Who has helped?

Old friends at first. I had no idea how to write fiction, so I asked for help, and they gave it. Bless ’em.

Then I talked online with a few Word Weavers. Excellent helpers. They led me to American Christian Fiction Writers. These writers critique each chapter via email.

I take credit for all the blunders in these lines, but if anything here is readable, these writers are the reason.


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