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    dan harvey

    This was a dramatic chapter.

    It is hard to imagine town folks coming out to see babies dropped into the Molech fire. How terrible.

    A number of things stood out for me. Did Ahab approve of this incident because of the influence of Jezebel? — or was it his own idea? I don’t think much of Ahab either way. If it was his idea, he is just plain evil. If by pressure, he comes across as weak, without a commitment to do the right thing. If so, he might still have a spark of goodness even as he continues a moral descent from the innocence of his early life.

    I wondered about the mom of the first baby. Did she have a choice? Or was it all her husband’s doing? The grief of mothers in that era must have been intense. How could they subsequently have any respect for their husbands after seeing their babies burned up.

    What about Elijah’s dad? His son’s were ready to fight for Omar. He seemed to want to let it go. It is so easy to back down out of fear. Perhaps he feared retaliation, and even the possible loss of land and livelihood. There are good applications to us in this even in these modern times. Sometimes there is a cost to do what is right. Perhaps this is the meaning of “bearing our own cross.”

    Finally, in the Jerusalem area, Molech sacrifices happened in the Valley of Hinnon. I suppose in the North, the priests went town to town. That never occurred to me before. It adds a whole new level of horror to the practice.

    Good job! Lots to think about.

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