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    Viv R Harvey

    Powerful and wrenching….that little girl ! You have captured the heart and soul of Courage, and of Wisdom even in the tragedy of that child’s fate.. A riveting chapter!
    Yes, ….just thinking of that little 4-5 year old gal who, having been sold to the local Witchdoctor in Dabakala, past our folks’ compound … The parents sold their child for services rendered to that African warlock….

    Thankfully, Jean, the man employed for language translation and yard work alerted our dad as the child sprinted down the main road, and just as she passed by, John and Dad called her inside the front gate; They rescued that little gal!
    I have never seen anger and rage so ferocious when that WD confronted Dad and Jean ( John, in French) .
    Just a youngster, myself, I and my sister walked her up to our porch, and gave her some ice tea and cookies with Mom serving us..
    I don’t know what deal was made for her, but before it was over, the DW tried togo in and get his purchase…

    Dad held out his Bible and told him “you are standing on Holy ground, on God’s property..” and so, cursing and spewing rage.. that DW turned and left….
    This is one of my first experiences as an MK , that demonstrated the tragedy of sex slavery….and of God’s word…
    And, that child was rehomed in a Christian family….
    We girls, I and my sisters saw first hand what happens to children ….
    in the African villages and we learned more as time went on.
    Great job!!!Your 1st chapter is powerful, tragic and it tells the truth!

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