This story uses Americanisms. For instance little squirts, such as Zim, the widow’s son, address those they perceive as grownups as Mr. Nathan or Mr. Lijah. Not good Hebrew, right?

The Hebrew naming scheme uses Ben (son of), so, if Elijah’s father’s name was Zadok, maybe the neighbors would have called the sons, Elijah ben Zadok and Nathan ben Zadok. In that scheme, “Mr. Lijah” or “Mr. Nathan” sounds far out and strange.

Yet, I’m not trying to write within that scheme.

While I try to stay within the bounds of 850 BC Hebrew culture, I’m not trying to imitate Hebrew language in any way. I had to make that decision years ago. Would I use Abba, Ima, ken, shalom — the few Hebrew words most evangelicals know?

I decided not to deviate from modern English.

Yes, here’s a Heblish wiki.

More — Biblical English

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