How long would it take Obadiah to go from Jezreel City up to Samaria City?

I emailed Anat Harrel.

“Let me try to answer that. There is no Jezreel City today. Do you mean Tel Jezreel? The archaeological site where Ahab’s city stood? Today you can barely see any ruins, not much left.
“It is located in the Jezreel Valley, at the foot of the Gilboa Mts.

Tel Jezreel at the foot of the Gilboa Mts.

“There is no Samaria City either. Do you mean Sebastia, the archaeological site and national park? It is located close to Nablus, the Palestinian city in the West Bank.

Sebastia National Park – the ancient city of Samaria

“So, as the crow flies, the distance between the two is about 45-50 kms, about 30 miles. In the past, one could drive on hwy 60, also known as the ancient road of the Forefathers.
“However today, unless you’re an Israeli Arab, you have to drive around the West Bank and enter from a different road. This trip is 92 kms, about 60 miles.”

See Anat Harrel’s Crossroads Israel.

So, because Obadiah’s chariot took more turns than “as the crow flies,” estimate 35 miles from ancient Jezreel City to ancient Samaria City.

And say his horses trotted at 12 miles per hour.

So he could leave Jezreel at sunup and arrive in Samaria by mid-morning.

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