How old is Elijah?

How old does Elijah seem to you when he hits King Ahab with “we will have neither dew nor rain unless I say so”? (1 Kings 17:1)

I had thought of him as old. Really old.

Then I noticed his schedule covered the lifetimes of three kings. The Lord gave him messages for each king, and their reigns covered most of Elijah’s lifetime.

  • King Ahab,  22 years – “neither dew nor rain”
  • King Ahaziah,  2 years – “die in your bed”
  • King Joram,  12 years – “bowels will drop out”

Total reigns = 36 years

In the 9th Century, BC, most people died before their fiftieth birthday. Elijah needed an early start.

So, in chapter one, he’s an early teen with smooth cheeks.

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Amre Cortadino

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