Ahab & Obadiah


  1. Biah becomes chief of staff
  2. Biah recruits grove managers, rejects cheater
  3. Ahab-Jezebel marriage
  4. Thera loves her girls
  5. Biah rejects Asherah


  1. Change Zicri to something less like the temporary king.
  2. Eliminate flashbacks
  3. Show Obadiah at gate in Jezreel accepting pouch of cash from Shelemiah in Samaria and listen to his report
  4. Problems in
    1. groves?
    2. cash transfer?
    3. personnel?
    4. weather?
    5. oil production?
    6. sales?
    7. diseases or pests in groves?

Have Obadiah make trip now to inspect groves

RE one of those above problems

Moab – pre-rebellion trouble

Talk of reviving sailing ships out of Eilat as per Hiram & Solomon. This with current king of Tyre.

Delegation from Tyre

Delegation to Tyre

Marriage of Jezebel to cement alliance

Hiel of Jericho visits Ahab to talk about walls how they need protection from marauding Moabites.

Left-over dissenters from days of Omri vs. Tibni 1 Kings 16:21


King Ahab returned to the fort. As his chariot drove into the courtyard, the queen appeared in an upper window. While his driver reined in his chariot team, Ahab looked up at Jezebel. “Almost three hours to the mules today. I’m taking Obadiah out to look for grass closer to the fort.”

The queen turned her nose up. “You have young men, strong men like you, Your Excellency. Why do you put so much in the hands of that little old man?”

Ahab exchanged half smiles with his driver and guards. Then he looked back up at his queen. “I’m in a hurry, but I’ll tell you a story.”[1] He jumped out of the chariot and strode into his headquarters and up the stairs to the queen. He walked up to her couch with that same half smile on his face.

“I was playing tag with the other little kids out behind the palace at Tirzah, and my dad called me in. ‘Just watch,’ he said. And he took me to the office of Zicri, his accountant. I stood at my father’s elbow while he made Zicri open the accounts.[iv] Dad pointed. ‘What’s this I see? How else are you cheating me?’”

Ahab closed his hand around his throat. “When that accountant swallowed I almost felt the noose closing on my own gullet.”

Jezebel’s eyes grew large. “But what did he say?”

“I remember his exact words. ‘Too many ways for you to understand—even if I showed you.’” Jezebel laughed out loud, and Ahab continued. “And that crook was right. My dad didn’t know a credit from a debit. But after four years selling more and more olive oil, he had less and less money to hire troops and build forts. So he called for the accounts and saw enough to know Zicri was stealing.”

“You asked about Obadiah. My father put him in charge of our olive oil business up in Samaria, and it’s made good money. But I have plenty of people who know how to make money. Old Obadiah is just plain honest.” Ahab gave his head a negative wag. “I’m no accountant, but dad taught me what to watch for, and I can show you line-by-line that Obadiah has never taken a shekel.”

The king moved toward the door, but the queen stopped him. “How can a king who is no accountant show me line-by-line?”

He grasped the door jamb and stood looking out into the hall. “There’s more. There’s always more, isn’t there.” He returned, sat by her on the couch, and put his hand on her knee. “That little old man has been chief of staff since before I was born. As chief, he has his pick of women—shape, size, or color—like bowls of grapes and cherries and plums fresh on the table every morning. And the thing that everyone on my staff knows is that he has never slept with anyone but his wife. Not when he was a young stud with hot blood, not when he started going bald, and not now when his eyes give him trouble. Why do I put so much in the hands of that little old man? Because he’ll do right by me.”

Ahab went through the headquarters kitchen, down a skinny hall, and into the last room on the right. Obadiah stood. “Good morning, Your Excellency.”


“Yes, Your Excellency. I know you don’t like to dirty your hands with mere monetary details, but today is our silver delivery.”

“Dirty my hands? Samaria can wait. I need green ______ here in the valley. I have to defend this fort, Old Man. When I was four years old, I moved troops and horses and mules around on the carpet, and I recruited you for my enemy general. But we’re not on dad’s carpet anymore. They’re real ______ , and they need real _____.”

I understand, Sir, about the __________. But the silver ….”

“Send a message. You know every grove manager on that hill by name. I watched you hire them and help them set up their presses. They’ll hold my money until next week.”

“Very good, Excellency. I’ll send that message. But why ask your old bean counter, as you call me, to _______________?”

You’ve heard the whispers. Why would you trust an old man they say hides fugitives from your queen?

“I’ll tell you what I told the queen. You’ll do right by me.”

Obadiah nodded. Like his father. Never cared much about ethics for himself, but knew what kind of people he wanted around him.

“So, you Old Bean Counter, come help me _____________________


[1] This edit tells the Zicri story to the queen. Earlier edits tell it to Obadiah.

[2] Must spell Beit She’an consistently.

[i] Phoenician Marines

[ii] Acco Bay – Acre, Sea access to Jezreel Valley, Haifa, etc.

[iii] Fort Jezreel – Strategy – In a note, list the many battles for Fort Jezebel.

[iv] In 875 BC, accounts were kept on papyrus or on clay tablets. The Chinese did not invent paper for at least another 800 years.

[v] Luke 4:25 & James 5:17

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