Who cut down the trees by the King’s Highway?

Reforested area in Israel near the King’s Highway

Elijah sold wine to the spice caravan on the King’s Highway, a trade route from Egypt across the Sinai Peninsula to Aqaba, north to Damascus and the Euphrates River. This is the same highway where the kings of Edom and of Amor refused the Hebrews’ passage (Numbers 20:17, 21:22), and Israel defeated the Amorites by “the edge of the sword.”

In Elijah’s day, the area had many, many trees. See the Battle of Ephraim’s Wood in 2 Samuel, when the thick forest killed more soldiers than the enemy did.

But in the 14th Century, the Ottoman Turk Empire taxed trees almost out of existence.

Deforested view of King’s Highway in Jordan.

The modern highways 35 and 15 follow this route across Jordan from Aqaba to Irbid.


Red Line = King’s Highway, Blue Line = Via Maris

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Nice back ground story. How sad that they got rid of so many beautiful trees.

Amre Cortadino

Agree – the trees were beautiful!! I’d imagine things look more “touristy” in areas too. Can’t wait to see it for myself!!! 🙂