Who fixes my mistakes?

For instance, after Elijah told the king “no more rain,” I let a cloud drop a cool Mediterranean shower on Obadiah. Until Jessy Alvarado, a critiquing buddy, caught it.

Although I did not let Elijah discuss helicopters or syringes, I did allow “mothballs” and “certifiable” to slip into early drafts. So embarrassing to discover that mothballs were invented in 1820. My friend Ava says these jolts cause “literary whiplash.”

I thank the Lord for friends who check the facts.

Please show me glitches.

  1. Typos hide. They think it’s a game.
  2. Implausible plot twists sneak in during the night.

And if you would be so kind as to do a serious critique of a chapter, ask and ye shall receive it in MS Word format.


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Carolyn yost

So interesting. Not sure if tornadoes occur in that country. See Psalm 105 for common disasters or fire from heaven from NT.