17 Rescue Rocky – 573

POV Elijah

Birdsongs? Weather? Breezes? Flowers? Emotions? Monologues?



Elijah climbed up a canyon from the Yarmuk River and stood on the path from Jabesh to Tishbe. “Here we are, Nate. And we’re going home, not to the Kerith ravine.”

They trudged through Tishbe.

Nathan stopped in front of the carpenter’s house. “Looks so much better from down here than it did from the ridge.”

Next door, in the potter’s yard, Elijah peeked over the garden fence at Rocky on his knees in the melon patch. “The rain make your weeds grow?”

Rocky jumped to his feet. “Lijah! Nathan!” He ran over to the gate and into the yard. “You’re back!” He gave them each a hug.

Elijah stepped back and beamed at him. “Seen any black tunics today, Rocky?”

None. They all melted away. We think the Syrians scared them off. And we’ve been drifting back in.” He pointed over the fence. “The melons are doing great, too, now that we’ve got some rain again.”

Nathan asked, “What about Mother and Sheerah?”

They’re back. Last week. Came back together with my parents.” Rocky nodded to Elijah. “Milkah and her mother, too.”

Elijah BEAT. “So, have you declared your eternal devotion to our sister and asked our father to give her up?”

Rocky BEAT. “I’ve been working up my courage. Love your dad. But I get all weak in the knees.”

Elijah turned to Nathan. “Tell him about Neetz, Nathan.” Elijah BEAT.

Nathan’s eyes grew bright. He put his head down and then looked up toward the ridge. “She’s nice.” He turned back to Rocky. “Very nice. I’m going to marry her.”

Rocky BEAT. “Marry? You’re a mere child.” Rocky turned toward Elijah. “He’s too young to get married, right, Lijah?”

Elijah BEAT. “And guess where they’re going to live.”

Rocky’s eyes got big as….. “You’re bringing her home to Tishbe, right?”

Nathan shook his head. “The coast. Her father owns a vineyard. I’m his vintner.”

Rocky took half a step back and frowned. “A Hebrew? In Sidon?”

Nathan’s eyes sparkled again. “Levite, no less. A professor. Been there since King Solomon.”

Elijah laughed loud. “The last time you saw Nate, his beard was new. Then you heard him sending the black tunics to the swamps of Sidon. Well, we’ve been in Sidon for three years, Rocky. And my big brother found a choice lady.”

Nathan blushed. “The lady found me.”

She did. He’s right.” Elijah BEAT. “Gonna leave you to your melons, Rocky. I want to go home.”

Dad says stay, Nathan, and help us repair the vineyard.

This war with Syria seems to distract the king’s men from their search for Elijah. The queen’s black shirts haven’t been around in a long time. But they’ll return. Caution. Get on with life. Mother and Sheerah are back from Uncle Hiram’s in Ramoth. Milkah has returned.

They bring Milkah home

They move Nathan to the wine room

Elijah shows Milkah the future quarry

Sheerah goes to Rocky’s house – Racham, the potter’s son

Long hours in the vineyard

Look for quarrying tools

Overheard – His father doesn’t need telling. Elijah’s not the first dreamer in this family, dear.

Nathan’s sendoff.

He asks Dad about Elijah’s house. I’ve got to go to Neetz. Milkah is showing. Don’t they need a house of their own? Of course, they can be like Isaac and live with mom and dad, but…

Dad tells him about the runaway horse.

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