The Days of Elijah Tour

12 Days

$2,395 + $100 for tips + $Airfare

  • Stand where the fire fell and shout, “The Lord! He is God!”
  • Walk where Elijah ran from Jezebel.
  • Climb Mt. Horeb and enter the cave of “Wind, Quake, and Fire.”

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Mt. Carmel – Israel

“Dan to Beersheba”

The boulder of Bethshan

Chuckle from behind the boulder of Bethshan while young Elijah faces the king into the ground. Search the Mediterranean for “a cloud the size of a man’s hand.” Run from Jezebel to refuge in Rehov and then huddle in the reeds of the Jordan.

The caves of Qumran

Stick your head inside a Qumran Cave.

“Any scrolls left?”

Don’t just glance up at Masada, like Elijah did. Take the cable car. Just outside Beersheba, lose yourself in the desert, and grab a nap under the nearest juniper tree.

The chariot of fire

After you climb Mt. Sinai, go up to Jerusalem. Knock at the front gate of the royal palace, and deliver a letter to King Jehoram. In Jericho, try — Just you try! — to ditch Elisha before you connect with that Chariot of Fire.

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