Bunny Trails

Try not to get lost.

Start a bunny trail:

Bunny trails in the works from:

Steve Abbott – “The Exodus & the Volcano”

Donald Ingram – “Walls of Jericho”

Douglas Smith – “The Ripples”

Bunny Trails on the way:

Ben Gurion
Camel Pullers
Elijah and the Watermelon
Elijah Missed Dad’s Smile
Forty days & nights
Hype, Poetry, and Science
Implanted Souls
Jezebel’s hair
King’s Highway
Masada – How?
Masada – Where?
No Sci-fi Lijah
Playing God
Sinai in Israel
The Chair of Elijah
The Exodus & the Volcano
The hearts of the fathers
The Previous Occupant
The ripples
Tishbe, the exact spot?
Victims – how old?
Walls of Jericho


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