In a world where not everything that glitters is gold, who can we trust to help children?

We trust the people of In Better Hands because Walt and Wanda Schulz go to help them in person and send them money. I grew up with Wanda (nee Brugger) Schulcz in Spring Arbor, Michigan, and Vickie lived across the street from Walt and Wanda. So we think they are honest and use good judgement.

We trust the people of OMF because we worked with them five years in China. They recommend Hagar International.

Who else helps children — and you know them and trust what they do?

by Dave Parks

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  1. Jimmie Bryan Crumley September 2, 2018 at 5:21 PM #

    Sister Juliet Nakiyeza runs a girls’ boarding school in Uganda for girls between 6 & 20, both Christian and Moslem.

    Many are orphans, & some were from homes that could not feed or support them. She takes them in regardless of financial support. However, with funds so short and no running water, there are always problems with enough rain water for the cisterns, latrines & part time power (not even to mention food) to properly take care of 1300 + girls in need of good education.

    Even under these harsh conditions, she has made great strides in their education, respect & spiritual growth. Without this school, most would have very little chance for anything more than existence or a life of prostitution.

    Pat & a friend visited there in 2015 & have provided some sponsors, but far short of the school’s needs. Pat has taken in two of their girls, here in Green Bay for college. After the first one, Carol, who was sponsored, graduated from the Univerisity of Wisconsin with honors.

    Pat met Coneria Nansbuga when she was in Uganda visiting Sister Juliet. Coneria wishes to become a doctor to help others in Uganda. Pat managed to acquire a four year scholarship at St. Norbert’s College for her, but she will still need much more for medical school in 2020. We’re on Social Security with little means for additional support, but we’re working to help in any way we can.

    Pat has set up a bank account to forward any funds directly to Sister Juliet for the needs of the school. She and Coneria have made appeals in local churches through the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay with gratifying results.

    The needs continue. This past year a dormitory housing 70 girls collapsed while they were in school. Until a new dorm is built or the old repaired, the girls sleep in the additional six dorms that are already overcrowded.

    Can you help?
    I am more than glad to answer any questions I can.

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