Why so young?

The Bible makes no mention of Elijah’s years.

Some artists paint him with a white beard, but he started with pink cheeks.

Elijah did not drop into the scene stooped over a cane. Like the rest of us, he crawled before he walked.

Elijah saw three kings whose reigns totaled thirty-six years.

  • King Ahab, 874-853 = 22 years

He saw Ahab’s human trafficking victims. (Ch. 1. The long line)

  • King Ahaziah, 853-852 = 2 years

He condemned Ahaziah for inquiring of the Lord of Flies. “For this you will die right here in this bed.” (Ch. 45. Burn you up)

  • King Joram, 852-841 = 12 years

He told the king of Judah his bowels would drop out piece-by-piece. (Ch. 46. Died how?)

In the 9th Century, BC, most people died before their fiftieth birthday. So to find time to comment on the deeds of these three kings before he caught that chariot of fire, Elijah needed an early start.

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